Staying Fit After 40 – Quick Tips To Get Your Energy Going!

guy bench-pressingA lot of people say that after you hit 40 staying in shape gets really hard. Many complain that once you get to this stage in life that your metabolism slows down and it is natural to feel a persistent lack of energy compared to when you were younger. That may or may not be true, but I say that no matter how hard it is you should still try to do what you can to stay fit and energetic as possible.

Really, starting the day right is everything. When you’re pumped and ready right at the start of the day, you can turn the beginning of your day into a great one and transform it into an excellent one. Aside from having a healthy breakfast, it’s also important to get your body going and ready for anything.

1 -Work Out in the Morning, If Possible

Making sure that your body stays healthy is important, not just for looking good, but feeling good as well. And one of the key components of having a great morning is by exposing your body to a couple of quick morning exercises to get your energy going, your momentum running, and basically making sure that you look and feel your best for whatever lies ahead.

2 – Warm Up Your System

As with every exercise, you always want to start by stretching those muscles. Coming from a good six to eight hour resting period means that your muscles are probably still sleeping, and will need that gentle push so as not to get startled.

3 – Do Some Side Arm Stretches

Start with simple, effective side arm stretches. Take your right arm and carefully raise it above your head and put your left arm on your waist. Slowly and surely, lean your body to the left side and feel your entire right side open up. Do this for eight counts. Next, take your left arm, raise it above your head, and with your right arm at your waist, do the same to stretch the left side of your body.

4 – Don’t Forget Leg Stretches

After stretching your arms, your legs now need stretching. For a good morning stretch, take your left leg way back and your right leg to the front (in a lunge position). As you stretch the muscles in your hind leg (left leg), check and make sure that your right leg is directly above your toes, making sure that you have balance. Do this for eight counts. After stretching the left leg out, switch legs and do the same stretches for your right leg.

Get Your Energy Going!

One sure-fire way to get your energy going is to do a quick cardio exercise for ten to twenty minutes. One option is to jump rope, even just for 20 minutes. A popular choice for the working class is to also do a quick jog or run. If you’re feeling calm and cool, yoga is also a very good option.



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Potty Training In 3 Days With Carol Cline

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How To Survive A Water Shortage

While survivalists across the country are concerned with how to survive a water shortage, this is a topic that is of particular interest to those living in Arizona and other desert states where the water supply is limited to begin with.

With global warming becoming an ever more present threat, it doesn’t just mean scorching earth and extremes in weather. It can also mean another worrying thing for everyone: the possibility of running short of water.

And listen – I don’t know what your stance on global warming is, and frankly I don’t really care. even if you don’t believe in global warming, there are still a ton of other unforeseen circumstances that can lead to you and your family not being able to get easy access to water which is one of our greatest needs for survival.

A water shortage is a seriously scary prospect because it’s just simply impossible to survive for more than a few days without water. So,  in the event that this dreadful scenario does become imminent, it’s best to know what to do to survive water shortage and the other disasters associated with it.

Firstly, as they say, prevention is better than cure. So read up on ways to filter water and buy the necessary contraptions so that if you only have access to undrinkable water, you can still make that water drinkable!

Of course its nice to think that before an actual water shortage there would be public advisories telling you to stock up on your water resources. But don’t count on that happening! Instead stock up now and — make sure you have emergency supplies on hand in case you really need water.

In the meantime you may also want to start using the water that you do have more conservatively. Call me crazy, but it can be fun to learn to be creative and use your water resourcefully. The water you used for washing clothes or cleaning the dishes may still be used in outdoor cleaning. You don’t need to use a shower or to fill a tub just to take a bath. There are other options, such as using a dipper, or turning off the shower when you’re not using it.

The main question you have to ask is: do I really need to use all this water?

Changes in your lifestyle are just natural, but take care of health too. Never let yourself get dehydrated. Stick to water instead of sugary drinks, which will leave you feeling thirsty.

Don’t go out into the sun or engage in activities that will get you to lose water too.

The basic things to remember here is to use water effectively and to make sure you have enough for your own health needs.