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Month: January 2019

Nice Animated Waterfall Wallpaper

Here’s a real nice animated wallpaper showing a beautiful waterfall. Makes me want to go on vacation!

Potty Training In 3 Days With Carol Cline

Potty Training is a subject you might not think you would come across on a website about beautiful wall papers, but listening to that peaceful animated waterfall video gets me thinking about what the sound of running water can do to a person who needs to use the rest room. And if you’ve got a little one who isn’t potty trained yet then the sound of running water could definitely lead to some wet diapers that you would have to take care of. There’s a woman named Carol Cline who has a special 3 day method for potty training your kid so you can stop doing diaper changes all the time. Here’s the Start Potty Training program video on YouTube.

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